" What Makes Your Organisation Tick"

Psychometrics have been used to help individuals better understand themselves , help us communicate more effectively with others who are different to us, and understand others in a work environment.

These types of tools are not new to us, the greeks had a behavioural evaluator 2500 years ago developed by Hippocrates. Around the same time, Socrates told us then to “know thyself" and today, Emotional Intelligence and leadership experts such as Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) challenges us to ”self aware.

PFI employ an arrange of assessment tools to help, here are a few and examples of their use:

  • leaders understand the impact of their behavioural style on the performance of others.
  • Leadership teams develop the right working environment to optimize team performanace.
  • Team members adapt their behavioural style to communicate more effectively with others and build productive working relationships.
  • Helping people understand themselves.
  • Helping people understand how to work with others.
  • Building better teams/groups.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improve Leadership Style.
  • Develop better Culture.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction