PFI’s Business Scorecard uses a simple traffic light scoring system to present and compare business performance on pre-determined factors within different areas of operation. Results are displayed on PFI’s secure AWS Cloud platform and the reporting functionality allows comparisons with sector best practice, KPIs and other similar businesses.
  • KPI Input levels based on required KPIs
  • Scoring Methodology Flexible Scoring Methodology, Absolute and Comparative reporting
  • Reporting Periods Flexible reporting periods – weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually
  • Trend Analysis Monitor Trends
  • Scorecard Levels Multiple Scorecard reporting levels
  • Simple Scoring Traffic light scoring shows factors as High, Medium and Low
  • Action Plan Create and Monitor action plans based on actual scores
  • Targets Performance tracking against agreed targets
  • Multiple User Input Allows multiple users and source for data input
  • Secure Log In User Specific Access levels
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